Muddy Creek Ranch is a self contained American Aberdeen and Speckled Park seedstock producer and a commercial ranch that provides our local communities with an all natural regenerative product. 

What makes our beef different from all the rest?
It’s our unique genetic pull and high selection standards coupled with regenerative practices working in harmony with the land to produce a nutrient dense product that is born and grazed in Montana, USA. We have traveled far and wide to find the best genetics for an all natural grass fed environment. Our Angus based herd has been selected from proven grass fed genetics from Montana and all across the U.S. To top that off, we added American Aberdeen and Speckled Park cattle  for their unique ability to produce high quality carcasses.

Our cattle produce a quality carcass at a young age all on a 100% forage based diet. Because of our outstanding genetic pull and good grazing practices, there is no need for hormones, antibiotics, use of corn or other grain based products. Great genetics, regenerative practices and humanely raised – insures a nutrient dense beef product that has a lower carbon footprint. 

Muddy Creek Ranch has the pulse of today’s consumers and the future of the planet in mind while producing beef that’s good for you and tastes great.